class day time place
Toyonaka Thursday 10-12 16-18 Toyonaka
Saturday 16-18
Otori Wednesday 14-16 Otoriminami
area hall

Calligraphy classes information

Welcome to our class!

A course with Shoshokai in Osaka is not only an opportunity to learn calligraphy (shodo) but also to develop your Japanese language skills and experience the many pleasures Shoshokai has to offer.
You'll nevere tire of things to do even after your lessons.

While learning calligraphy (shodo) at yourpace and in an enjoyable way, why don't you enjoy getting familiar with Japanese language and understanding Japanese culture?

It's never too late to start learning calligraphy.
We offer calligraphy classes from children to adults. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Monthly fee

E the basic charge@\6,000-

(book or teaching material are separate payment)
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Shoshokai Osakashibu


TEL 090-3487-5874
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Shoshokai in Osaka@Toyonaka class


Shugyoku Fujisawa